March 7, 2021

#68 - The 3 D’s of Dental Hygiene with Renee’ Graham

Renee’ Graham RDH

Welcome back, Peeps! 

Thank you to Denstply Sirona for sponsoring today’s episode!

Ultrasonic safety is priority #1 for the folks at Dentsply Sirona. They always have the tools we need to safely ultrasonic scale every day. From keeping your drawers stocked with fresh left and right inserts to providing a two-handed approach to scaling with the Purevac HVE, your Dentsply Sirona sales rep can get you up and running today! 


We are so pleased to welcome Renee’ Graham of Dentsply Sirona to share her four decades of dental industry experience and knowledge. She describes her timeline from her initial inspiration to be a hygienist, to her early career as a dental hygienist, and ending with her current position at Denstply Sirona. Today Renee’ works with key opinion leaders to promote the future of the dental industry. Renee’s perspective of dentistry provides a unique opportunity to see how the professional culture has changed and how we arrive at today’s gold standard of patient care.

Stay tuned to hear Renee’ Graham describe her dental dream team!


We cover some of these topics and much more:

  • How has dentistry and dental hygiene evolved in past decades?
  • How can we invest to improve patient relationships?
  • Who are the leading voices of dentistry today?

Renee’ Graham's Bio:

Renee’ Graham received her dental hygiene degree from Darton State College (now Albany State University) and both a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Master of Education degree from Valdosta State University. Renee’ brings to the division 39 years of private practice, academic leadership and administration. Since 2007, Renee’ has been employed with Dentsply Sirona as a Clinical Educator. Formerly the international CE for Europe and Canada; she now delivers programs throughout the US. Renee’ enjoys lecturing nationally as well as internationally.


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