May 9, 2022

#106 - Jessica Martin: “Dental Psychology”

Jessica Martin works with medical professionals nationwide and also co-owns Martin Dental, a successful dental spa in Eau Claire, WI. As a licensed school psychologist, she helps medical professionals understand why patients feel anxious or afraid at the dentist and other medical appointments. She has created strategies for dental offices to remove some of the most common barriers to dental care. She loves sharing ways to make the experience positive for every patient.


Jessica’s mission is to educate others on how profound an impact dental anxiety can have on a dental practice and share the strategies that have helped her business be so successful. Patients don’t need to dread dentistry and dental offices don’t need to race to the bottom of the discount game. Addressing dental anxiety effectively is a win-win for everyone!



Visit Jessica’s website:


find her on social media @jessmichellemartin




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