October 12, 2020

Episode 49: Ana Bogdanovic: Your dental lab peeps have a story too

Today we have a very special guest Ana Bogdanovic, who takes us on a trip down memory lane through the days of bottle service, breast cancer, and bespoke dental laboratory marketing. Ana comes from two extremely talented dental parents, but she wasn’t always convinced that dentistry was her path.

She had a degree in marketing and worked in the service industry (when she first met Irene!) founded a successful up and coming jewelry company, but wasn’t totally sure of where life would take her. At 24, Ana was diagnosed with breast cancer. While breast cancer at such a young age is almost unheard of, Ana tells us she would go through every minute of chemo again because of the person it has helped her become.

Fast forward to today: Ana Bogdanovic has successfully created the Zann Dental Lab brand and image. She has brought her marketing expertise to the dental laboratory world and made her mark in the field, offering personalized and frankly beautiful design to her lab and professional newsletter. She walks us through the steps of making this dental business into a reality and how she navigated the unsure times in her life and career.

Ana dispenses some radical wisdom and answers some important questions, including:

● How do we find our passion for dentistry?

● How can I make my dental brand special?

● Is cancer painful?

● How can we see the humanity in our patients?

● How can we exceed expectations as a dental professional?

Ana drops some serious knowledge about learning to love oneself while pursuing her career aspirations that remain true to who we are.

Follow Ana Bogdanovic online:

Personal IG: mwlbyana

Zann Dental Lab IG: zanndental

Website: http://www.zanndental.com/


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