September 28, 2020

Episode 48: You’re Secretly Being Assessed with Corinne Jameson-Kuehl

The quadrants of a circle with Corey Jameson-Kuehl of Custom Dental Solutions.

This week, Irene and Katrina chat with Corey Jameson-Kuehl of Custom Dental Solutions kingly sponsored by our friends at Dentsply Sirona. 


Join Irene and Katrina as they BOTH take the DS World stage. Register asap for November 13th to listen to world-class presentations and join the discussion groups. Head over to DentsplySirona.Com or click the hyperlink to register. 

Corey shares her journey as a dental hygienist who always felt a bit different and wanted to expand outside of clinical hygiene.  We talk about finding your “why”, using personality typing for match-making and emotional intelligence.

We discuss DISC Profiling:

Dominant: fast-paced, solution-oriented

Influence: magnetic, positivity

Steady: team-oriented, listeners

Compliance: analytical, fact-based

We talk about conflict resolution, understanding the various dimensions of how to control your own emotions as well as how to use DISC to communicate with patients.

Corey gives us the secret sauce on how to address conflict both professionally and personally as well as how to establish a well-rounded team. We learn about how to ensure Irene and her husband are both living their best life and … well… how to help Katrina in her sad dating life.

Finally, check out our tooth/dare for this week… to our listeners at home: would YOU accept this?


Corinne Jameson-Kuehl, RDH, BS has been involved in the business of dentistry for over 20 years.  She is an experienced dental business owner with background experiences as a private practice clinician, practice development administrator and previous dental staffing company founder and owner.

Corinne’s professional interests include writing articles and presenting continuing education to dental audiences across the nation.  She is the regional coordinator for the  Oral Cancer Foundation and was the 2016 recipient of the Sunstar Butler Award of Distinction.  Her professional memberships include: ADA, ADHA, Seattle Study Club, AADOM, AADH.  Along with Dental and Business education, Corinne holds numerous Human Resources certifications including DISC, Driving Forces and Emotional Intelligence to better ensure employment success!

Corinne and her team at Custom Dental Solutions provide “hands-on” practical business development and proven solutions to owners of small businesses focusing mainly on private practice dental offices.  It brings her great reward to see her clients navigate changes successfully in their personal and professional lives.




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