June 22, 2020

Episode 43: Howard Farran, Uncensored and Shirtless.

Dr. Howard Farran DDS, MBA

Another epic recorded live at Voices of Dentistry and kindly sponsored by our friends at Dentsply Sirona. DS has been consistent and amazing in providing continuing education online while we have all struggled with being home due to COVID. Here are some links to complimentary CE that Katrina will be doing in the coming weeks generously sponsored by Dentsply Sirona. 

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We go back in time with the sometimes absurd, mostly irreverent, and always hilarious Howard

Farran DDS, MBA and talk through his career to discover how he became the dentist he is

today. The man needs no introduction, but I’ll give one anyway. Dr. Farran is the founder & CEO

of Dentaltown, Orthotown, Hygienetown, an International lecturer, and the host of one of the

most-listened-to dentistry podcasts, Dentistry Uncensored.

Dr. Howard Farran opened his first dental office in Phoenix, Arizona right out of college with no

patients, no mentor, and no nearly no money. He lays out exactly how a dentistry grad can build

a business from the ground up in a city they’ve never even visited. The dental business guru

answers our burning questions about his work such as:

● How do you build a dedicated following?

● How do you make money off a podcast?

● How do you get guests?

● How can I land more speaking gigs?

● What does a Polish man give his wife on their wedding night that’s long and hard?

Dr. Farran has built a brand with his strong business sense and an entirely profane sense of

humour. He is a great example of how folks in the industry can build a business alongside their

work as a hygienist or dentist while staying true to themselves.


Find Howard Farran online:

IG: @HowardFarran

FB: @HowardFarran

Email: howard@dentaltown.com



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