May 11, 2020

Episode 40: Getting sober with Dr. Alan Mead

This is a very special episode. 

Dr. Alan mean is an open book with us about his drug and alcohol use as a practicing dentist, he shares where it started, how it progressed and the details about getting and staying sober. 

This episode is not your classic Irene/Katrina episode slightly off-brand but a necessary topic we probably can all relate to in some way shape or form. 

To reach out to Dr. Alan Mead:


Facebook: Dental Hacks Nation

Instagram: @Dentalhack_al

Much thanks to our buddy Alan for sharing his personal info with us. He is always there for a good chat so feel free to slide into his DM's. He is one of the best humans we know. 

If you want to meet the man in real life, check out Voices of Dentistry and come by to attend the awesome conference. 

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