April 5, 2020

Episode 37: Dr. Erin Elliott is Changing the way people breath!

Dr. Erin Elliott - Changing the Way People Breathe (and Sleep!)

Kindly sponsored by our friends at Dentsply Sirona and recorded live at Voices of Dentistry!

In this episode, Irene and Katrina chat about the importance of staying up with CE during this downtime from private practice. Irene watched an awesome webinar about how to handle a global pandemic. 

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Current Infection Prevention Protocols and Recommendations – Are you in Compliance? - Part 2


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Podcast: The ZZZ Pack


Are you or a loved one not getting the sleep they deserve? This episode will give you some wow moments about airway and breathing issues. 

This week we are thrilled to invite Dr. Erin Elliott to the show. Dr. Elliott specializes in dental

sleep medicine. She has spearheaded a movement in dentistry to help dentists and patients

identify the signs of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and eliminate the myriad problems caused

by this condition.


In this podcast, Dr. Erin Elliott answers tons of our questions such as:

● Can a dentist diagnose sleep apnea?

● Should a dentist or RDH tell a patient if they are at risk for broader medical conditions?

● What are the telltale signs of sleep apnea?

● Is there a special checklist a dental hygienist can use to help identify obstructive sleep


● Could melatonin be a cause of sleep apnea?

We are pleased to present to the dental community:


The Elliott Evaluator is linked below and can be found on our website Toothordare.ca

Dr. Elliott has created a visual checklist for all dental peeps to help identify signs of sleep


Click here to download Dr. Erin Elliott's checklist for sleep signs in the mouth. 

Click the link above, print it out, and use it in your practice!


What to look for when identifying sleep apnea:

● Bruxing wear (treating the airway makes bruxing events go down)

● Scalloped tongue

● Airway swelling

● Acid Reflux


The Big 4: If a patient has a history of these, they are at risk for OSA:

● Hypertension

● Acid Reflux medication

● Anti-depressants

● Diabetes medication


Dental hygienists have an opportunity to make a life-changing difference to the health and

the well-being of patients by asking patients these simple questions. Hygienists can be powerful

educators in the time they spend by the patients’ side.


Dr. Erin Elliott’s Links:



Dr. Erin Elliott's webinar will give you an overview of dental sleep medicine and how you can

improve your patients' health and quality of life.



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