February 24, 2020

Episode 34: Building a Dental Fiefdom with Dr. Josh Austin and Dr. Gina Dorfman

Dr Joshua Austin 
ig: @joshuaaustindds
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Dr. Gina Dorfman ig: @DrGinaD

Our friends Dr. Joshua Austin and Dr. Gina Dorfman join us on Tooth or Dare, today!

Both Josh and Gina own dental practices and run their own dental podcasts.

Gina’s podcast, Behind the Smiles, focuses on dental practice management and clinical topics. On her show, she hosts interviews the best of the best in the dentistry biz.

Josh’s podcast, Working Interferences Dental Podcast, covers topics that the average dentist faces. No question is too controversial on Working Interferences. Listen to their latest episode with our very own host, Irene! Episode 102: Fireball Scope with Toothlife.Irene

Irene is at the “shave my head” moment of opening her new dental practice in Toronto and gets some advice from these industry experts.

Gina's approach is old school: She has come to the understanding that the good work and care you provide in your office will translate to great reviews and happy patients. She has curated a presence in her community that does not rely on internet marketing. An efficient office structure has led to the organic growth of her practice and how she created Yapi, a digital practice managmane tool with cloudbased charts and easy to use forms.

Josh shares with us the newest tool he has been using called Schedule Widget that helped him gain 78 new patients in 8 months. He values ease of booking on the patient side, advocating for multiple ways for people to book appointments that cater to different types of people. When it comes down to the basics of running a dental practice, Dr. Austin advises, "Value peoples time, if we run on time, patients are thrilled. Efficiency differentiates us... Make it as easy as possible for people to sign up and be easy to work with."

We talk meditation, relaxation, not shaving your head, and what to do if and when nothing goes according to plan.

Irene shares a truth she recently has adapted “Other people’s opinion of you is none of your business”

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