January 27, 2020

Episode 32: Making Human Ears with Dr. Danny Domingue

HUGE shout outs to:
1. Our besties at Dentsply Sirona for sponsoring this episode AND bringing Irene to Arizona!
2. Our friends in the managment department of Voices of Dentistry
(Alan and Jason) thanks for supporting the Ginger/Canadian Podcast team.
2. Thanks to the bartenders at the Hilton Hotel in Scottsdale- Respect.

Dr. Danny Domingue DDS is the host of the AAID podcast and runs a
private practice in LA. When he is not making mission trips to Mexico,
pulling teeth for free, he is 3D printing dental and auricular prostheses
like a #BOSS
On this episode Dr. Domingue relates a harrowing story about his
reconstruction of a prosthetic, 3D printed ear for a man who suffered
a work-related injury.
He talks us step by step exactly how he performed this landmark surgery
using his experience as a dental prosthetic surgeon.
He is in the process of submitting his own guide on how to 3D print
material for this surgery and a paper on Guided auricular implant replacement.

Find out more about Dr Domingue and get information about attending
dental mission trips with him at Implants Black and White facebook group OR at https://blackwhiteimplants.weebly.com/

Find him on instagram and follow his surgeries at: @implantdiplomate

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