February 10, 2020

Episode 33: Chris Salierno and Missy Fryer saving Irene from a 2007 Britney moment

Live @ VOD sponsored by our friends at Dentsply Sirona. 
Huge shoutouts to Allison Zora who came in for the save with
3 glasses of wine and cookies during this recording live in Arizona.
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This Episode features two very amazing people that have some advice
for Irene who is a few weeks out from opening her first practice.
She's currently struggling with hiring staff and creating a
professional vibe in the office. Irene and Katrina have some serious questions for our two amazing guests.

Our first guest is Chris Sallerno, Editor in Chief of Dental Economics Magazine

Practice management event article by Irene about her trip to the Principals of Practice Managment Course

Chris is a general dentist practicing in Melville, Long Island. He shares the low-down on opening a practice, the fear of opening
a new practice and gives Irene some pointers for opening her new dental practice.

His advice for those opening their first practice include: -When to book patients -Common mistakes of opening -Who to hire for a new practice -HIRE SLOWLY, FIRE QUICKLY -How to write job descriptions -How to interview

Business Plans are an essential part of opening a practice.

Chris uses the business model canvas by Osterwalder

How and why to consider a target market

Find Chris on instagram @the_curious_dentist

---------------------------------- Our second guest is Missy Fryer, who owns a practice with her husband.
Missy has some out of the ordinary, yet extremly effective interviewing
techniques that she shares with us in this episode!

Irene talks about the excitment of opening her own new practice and the hiring process.

Missy goes through her essential criteria and the entire process of hiring for a dental practice.

-She shares with the ladies her simple math problem she asks everyone she hires to her practice. -Missy and her husband opened a practice outside of Cleveland, Ohio and operate a website where they consult on how to properly run a practice smoothly. -She demonstrates the importance of spelling on applications -Missy says You need your systems written down so that staff can be uniformly trained.

Find more of Missy's spreadsheets, advice, and information on how to run a dental office at buckeyedentalproductions.com
Follow her on Instagram @Buckeyeproductions

Thanks for tuning in peeps
your friends
@Toothlife.Irene and @thedentalwinegenist



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