October 3, 2019

Episode 24: Bicuspids and Botox with Dr. Shana Hughes aka @TheToothBooth

Thank you dental peeps for tuning into another episode of The Tooth or Dare Podcast! This week we chat with the one and only Dr. Shana Hughes of @TheToothBooth! She's the Botox and filler QUEEN of Instagram sharing with us all the tips and tricks to fight this thing we call ageing. 

What are the ladies doing this week? @TeethTalkGirl is shooting some cool videos for you on her YouTube Channel and has revamped her website with an easy to use search option! See all your fav and new videos on her website ------> Teleport to the website here! 

Meanwhile @Toothlife.Irene is off to St. Johns Newfoundland to speak at the Canadian Dental Hygiene Association annual conference where she gets to cross off a #bucketlist item off her speaking goals list. She'll be streaming this LIVE on her Instagram Friday Morning! 

Thank you to our friends @Hu_Friedy for sponsoring another informative episode. This weeks highlighted instrument is the BRAND NEW HD Blackline Mirror - DIAMOND LIKE CARBON (DLC) COATED MIRROR! 

The durable black matte coating reduces the glare by up to 80% compared to a standard metal mirror head and handle. This helps to reduce strain and fatigue as the user does not need to adapt their viewing position due to unwanted shine.

The black color of the coating creates a distinct contrast between the instrument, the tooth and/or the surrounding tissue allowing for easy identification intraorally.

Whitney raps out some awesome stats about this product like:

113% reflection factor for exceptional image clarity. 38.5% brighter than rhodium coated mirror glass. 50% brighter than other front surface mirror glass. Hard to beat those stats! Brighter is always better! 

-----------READ MORE ABOUT THEM HERE!-------

Dr. Hughes is a wealth of knowledge and her sweet southern accent makes every word she says that much sweeter! Aside from her beautification tips like.. "how to prevent breakouts..." and "what pillow we should sleep on" Dr. Hughes is a really cool person. Her passions for dentistry drive deep into her evergrowing practice, when she's not drilling, filling or injection Dr. H has an adorable son that and a growing horse farm! 

Follow her on Instagram if you need to be reminded to wash your make brushes and whiten your teeth. Hang tight to see who does a Tooth or a Dare, it's going to be awesome! 


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