September 19, 2019

Episode 23: Playing “Guess who” with @BloodyToothGuy co-hosted by @JoshuaAustinDDS

It isn't every day you get to interview a Unicorn... THEN it happens that Whitney is away and another unicorn comes to co-host! BONUS for Irene!

Shoutouts to our girl @Teethtalkgirl (Whitney) for celebrating a B-DAY this week! Eating cake to celebrate your girl!

Big props to Lance Timmerman (of Working Interferences Podcast) for loaning Dr. Joshua Austin (@joshuaaustindds) for an episode on TOD Pod. He will be returned unharmed and generally unchanged. Josh brings some of the Working Interferences charm and does a Reddit. Tossing in a "tough look" along with some of his classic Joshisms. 

OUT GUEST IS EPIC! You may know our bro @BloodyToothGuy from Instagram as the OG carpule art gangster. One of the first to showcase his full surgeries within a story post and definitely a gangster at all things surgical. 

In real life, he is JUST as epic and magical as his surgical interventions. We get to know him a little more personal and Dr. BTG answers your Instagram questions. He's a really cool dude with flair, style and lots of humour. 

This episode is dedicated to Dental Nerd Supremo... We don't know who you are but thank you for giving Tooth or Dare Podcast and Working Interferences Podcast a mutual review. 

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