July 4, 2019

Episode 18: Eyebrow Insurance with @DentistSinging

Happy Independence Day Peeps and Just past Canada day!! To celebrate you as individuals our sponsor of this episode Hu-Friedy really wants to help YOU as Individuals and Professionals Invest in your Career!
Friends of Hy-Friedy helps you do that... pretty epic stuff loaded onto the site! over 175 clinical articles, Free CE, Networking with your Fav- Peeps and dental besties.
I Like that you can find a mentor! Did you know that it's awesome we all need a mentor don't we. AND FRIENDS!!!! You can find friends, other dental friends that share the same interests, I mean I feel like I can always use more dental friends!
That's how we add value to our practice peeps, more we learn the more we can offer our offices and patients the latest and greatest from HF!


This Episode is dedicated to @ThomasMurphy02 for being an awesome supporter of all things Teeth related!

This episode we interview @DentistSinging Dr. Milad Shadrooh born in Iran and lives in the UK since the ripe age of 5. Only children in the house! 

Listen in to find out how Milad became @DentistSinging, became this dental parody sensation starting off from picking up that syringe at baby age. Fate Decided!  

Other inclusions ...dental nurses/hygienists/therapists in London vs USA vs Canada, telling us his routine to writing parody lyrics, 

Once again, thank you to Hu-Friedy for putting in so much time and effort into the Friends of Hu-Friedy platform. Don't forget to go check it out and join to get your CE and earn Hu-Points. It's the program that helps you get free stuff! you register for things and you get points, that's how you get scalers, probes.. mirrors... all those awesome items!
You've gotta try it out! Join today at www.friendsofhu-friedy.com

Contact Milad on Instagram @dentistsinging 

Email: dentistsinging@gmail.com



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