May 23, 2019

Episode 15: Sloth watching and article writing with Jill and Tony of @OralHealthgrp

Ever wonder how writers become writers? Well, it often starts with a killer behind the scenes team that helps inspire and polish what goes to print. 

This episode was recorded live at Chicago MidWinter with a killer team from Oral Health Group. A Canadian based publication that is making huge waves in media and how stories and education are shared among various healthcare professionals and providers. 

Jillian (Editor) and Tony (Director of Business Development) sit down with us to discuss how it all works. From Scripting, planning to edit. 

Have you wanted to write an article but aren't sure where to begin or how to start, this is the episode for you, and also if you want to hear how distracted the entire group gets seeing a giant sloth walk by.  Jillian and Tony are the right people to approach. Visit Oral Health Group to get more info on how you can become a contributor like Irene. 

Below are some links to articles Irene has published with the assistance of Jillian and Tony 

"Is It Really Periodontal Disease?"

"A Leap of Faith"

"What Your Ears May Tell Us About Your Health" 

Thank you both for being on the Podcast!


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