January 17, 2022

#99 - Dr. Kareem Osman: ”Peaches and Kareem”

Dr. Osman knew from a young age that he would be going into the medical field, thanks to his parents’ overenthusiastic prodding that he become a doctor. However, as he grew up and continued his education, he realized what his biggest strengths were – working with his hands, building things, tackling new challenges, and most importantly, making other people happy. He quickly realized that the dental field encompassed all of these elements, and the rest is history. Today, he feels so honored and blessed to be a dentist, and he sincerely does whatever it takes to put his patients’ best interests first. Most people hate visiting the dentist’s office, but the amazing experience he and his team provides changes all of that!


After attending Rutgers for his undergraduate degree, Dr. Osman pursued his doctorate from the prestigious New York University College of Dentistry. During his junior and senior years, he worked closely with the Director of Esthetics on cases that were only meant for post-graduate students. This was because he demonstrated exceptional clinical skills and was eager to learn! His top goal is to provide patients with the most exceptional and state-of-the-art care possible.



You’re able to find Dr. Osman on:




and follow him on social media @doctorkareem




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