December 20, 2021

#97 - Anne Duffy: The Fairy Godmother of Dentistry

The wonderful Anne Duffy dives into her past to speak about her younger years where she met her remarkably supportive husband and studying for her boards that would lead her to where she is today. On this episode, these three lovely ladies discuss the empowerment of female leaders in the dental industry, as well as the adversities that women have overcome and are still overcoming within the world of dentistry. They speak on the importance of replacing competition with collaboration in the workplace, noting that it’s possible for everyone to achieve their goals when they work together.


Having worked in dental since graduating from The Ohio State University in 1974, Anne has lived all across the country, earning herself six state boards. Her talents and experiences has led to her becoming an influential figure in the dental community and by 2001, she owned Dental Entrepreneur: Business Beyond the Classroom, which is an informational hub based on insight, knowledge and data that is designed to assist with making informed decisions. Following an incident involving a close friend in the summer of 2016, Anne became determined to make a change for how women are viewed within the dental industry. She set out on this mission by establishing a publication entitled DeW Life, a magazine for the Dental entrepreneur Woman intended to highlight, connect and inspire female leaders.


You’re able to find Anne on:


and follow her on social media @DeWlifemag or @dewlifemag.




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