December 13, 2021

#96 - Amadi Grey: The Brush Brigade

Originally from the world of digital marketing and brand design, Amadi Grey has ventured into several different careers, eventually arriving to his current destination in the dental industry. In his way back play back, this chubby baby resonated with the content and execution of Power Rangers which helped to reframe how he looked at connecting with adults who required special care needs. Turns out, a Google search of 'how can I make money for myself?' builds a path to excellence! Learn about how he ran away from an acting career, a video game development and a massive marketing empire to sink deeper into doing what he really wanted to do. He has built an incredible animate series called Brush Brigade about a team of tooth fairies determined to collect teeth and protect against rotten teeth! What's more: Amadi is offering a coloring book for the Brush Brigade:! Check out the pilot for his amazing series!


You’re able to find Amadi on:


and follow him on social media @amadibrands.




In this episode, our guest takes us on a journey from his childhood, through his entrepreneurial exploits, to how he came up with the idea for a children’s television series based around tooth-fairies. Amadi dives into his experience with marketing, branding, networking, and content creating. Our hosts question Amadi on his background with acting and how he arrived into the entertainment industry. Will Irene and Katrina convince Amadi to create characters based on themselves as he explores this world of tooth-fairies? Listen to this episode to find out!



We would like to give a special thank you to our sponsors this week at Designs for Vision. Over one hundred thousand specialized optical products created by Designs for Vision utilized by surgeons and dentists on a daily basis. Feel free to have a look at the Infinity VUE Loupes that we spoke about in the link below. These wonderful tools are designed to provide a straight forward approach to ergonomics, helping to maintain posture by keeping your chin up, your neck straight and your eyes forward. Not only are they great within the dental and medical industry, but they also come in handy when shopping around for the perfect diamond for that special someone!




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