August 22, 2021

#88 @FitLittleHygienist: Air Polishing and Thyroid Cancer

We welcome Hadeer Scolaro, RDH, back to the podcast on this Tooth or Dare Podcast episode. Hadeer previously joined us live on the podcast from the Greater New York tradeshow back in 2019 on Episode 45 (click here if you missed that episode!)  Hadeer shared the story about how she began promoting oral health on social media. Since 2019 Hadeer, has grown as a dental hygienist; she has welcomed a new piece of technology that has changed her life. Using the Airflow system and GBT, Hadeer shares her timing, appointment lengths and powder selection. 


Hadeer is a wealth of knowledge on incorporating this type of technology with your patients, and the fantastic humans at Hu-Friedy, who sponsored this episode, have provided us with a special link to connect you directly with an expert to discuss incorporating Air polishing and how to get a demo with the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master. 

Click Here -------> SPECIAL LINK <--------- To connect with an expert near you. 

Irene and Katrina discuss standards for polishing, stain removal and things to consider when treatment planning perio maintenance and prophy visits. 


Hadeer can be found on IG: @fitlittlehygienist 

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