July 5, 2021

#85 - @VanessaCreaven One Size Fits None with Dr. Vanessa Creaven and Spotlight Oral Care

Dr. Vanessa Creaven is the co-founder and CEO of Spotlight Oral Care with a mission to create the best oral health products, to educate and promote oral care, and empower people to engage with true customized preventative oral care. Dr. Creaven studied Dentistry at Trinity College Dublin & King’s College London. She has worked with Quay Dental Clinic in Galway before her work on Spotlight Oral Care. 

Tooth or Dare is excited to partner with Spotlight Oral Care, founded by two dentists who are also sisters. Dr. Lisa and Dr. Vanessa Creaven created a toxic-free, sustainable, and vegan oral care brand so you can create that 'dentist-clean feel' and healthy smile at home. Spotlight Oral Care offers customized oral care to cater to common oral concerns. Try their award-winning at-home Whitening Kit, or biodegradable Toothpaste, and use promo code "TOOTHLIFE" for 30% off your order.

As mentioned in today’s episode, Holly Anne Mitchell has partnered with Hope for the Day, a suicide prevention charity and their event is officially live at http://www.dentalavengers.com Their inaugural event is virtual, Dec. 3-5, 2021. If you're available and can join, we'd love to see you there!     

In today’s episode, we discuss the amazing and highly personalized line of products offered at Spotlight Oral Care (Can we please take a moment to admire their Limited Edition Pride Sonic Toothbrush?!), the benefits of personalized toothpaste containing Folic Acid for pregnant women, and the difficulties of working with your siblings. We are so lucky to highlight Spotlight Oral Care’s products which further shed much-needed light on the Oral Systemic Link.

We cover some of these topics and much more:

  • What is the scope of practice for hygienists in Ireland?
  • How does hygiene school in Ireland differ from the US and Canada?
  • How do you start a dental retail brand?
  • Should you get your teeth cleaned at your own dental practice?

Check out http://www.ifdh.org/ for resources about the global forefront of dentistry


Find Dr. Vanessa Creaven and Spotlight Oral Care online:

IG: @VanessaCreaven

SOC IG: @spotlight_oral_care

Website: https://spotlightoralcare.com/ 


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