June 21, 2021

#83 - @DrChrisK Come at me, Bro with Dr. Chris Kammer

For more than 20 years, Dr. Chris Kammer has been at the forefront of emerging technologies and ideas in dentistry, and has become one of America’s most vocal advocates for the "oral systemic" approach for disease prevention. He's the founding father, first president, and 6 year board member of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH), an organization that has partnered with the world class medical experts from the Cleveland Clinic to educate physicians and dental teams on the critical significance of how the health of the mouth impacts the health of the body.

Check out the AAOSH podcast with Dr. Chris Kammer and Machell Hudson, RDH!


Dr. Kammer has been a chief dental consultant for Reader’s Digest, and has been quoted in many publications including USA Today, The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, and Woman’s Day. He was featured on ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer as their Person of the Week. He has also appeared widely on national television and radio programs including The Today show, Fox and Friends, CBS MarketWatch, CNN, NPR, Montel Williams, Late Night with David Letterman and even American Idol where his original song “Get Out the Brush” reached a viewing audience of 25 million people.

Dr. Kammer was one of the first clinicians in America to develop a protocol for disease prevention with the oral systemic approach, using his comprehensive “Gums of Steel” program. He has helped bring the practice of oral systemics from its early philosophical stage to its current widespread recognition as an important whole body healing approach that integrates medicine and dentistry and he has the studies and results to back it up.

In this extremely entertaining conversation with America’s favorite singing dentist, Irene and Katrina get into the details of Dr. Chris Kammers no-drill dental practice, Dr. Kammer’s experience on American Idol, and the efficacy of Silver Diamine Fluoride for advanced decay.

We cover some of these topics and much more:

  • Why should you start dental practice?
  • What is holistic dentistry?
  • How can we bridge the gap between medicine and dentistry?
  • Can you run a dental practice with no overhead?

Find Dr. Chris Kammer online:

IG: @DrChrisK

Website: TheDrillIsGone.com

AAOSH Website: https://www.aaosh.org/


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