March 14, 2021

#69 - @ImplantCompare Are We Having Fun? with Blake McClellan

Blake McClellan

Welcome back, Peeps! 

We are huge fans of the work and products of today’s guest. Blake McClellan is the Founder of Implant Compare, an online live-streaming platform showcasing dental surgery and educational materials for dental professionals. You’ve got to check out their Instagram where they highlight dental surgeries (á la @bloodytoothguy) using their state of the art recording equipment. 


In all of his work, Blake is dedicated to bringing dentistry out of antiquity whether it's through Burning Man-inspired dental education experiences, his very own dental podcast ALL-IN Dental, or his 4K miniature dental video camera which you attach directly to your loupes. Seriously peeps, check out this camera. It makes recording SO much easier and many of our former guests are using it with the Implant Compare platform!

This was a really fun conversation and we covered a lot. Blake answers some of these questions and much more:

  • How can we update the dental conference format?
  • Is it worth it to be a dental influencer?
  • How can we provide meaningful dental education in a pandemic?
  • Should we be drinking more Pedialyte?

Find Blake McClellan’s work online:

IG: @ImplantCompare 

Dental Experiences and Education: 

ALL-IN Podcast: 

Implant Compare Online Platform: 

4K Mini Dental Camera: 


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