February 28, 2021

#67 - @DrAcierno How to Build the Million Dollar Dental Practice with Dr. AJ Acierno

Dr. AJ Acierno

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Today is the day: Dr. AJ Acierno, the CEO of DecisionOne Dental joins us to dish some indispensable facts about the state of the dental and healthcare industry. Dr. Acierno currently runs 30+ offices with Decision One dental and shares in explicit detail the do’s and don’ts of both managing and purchasing a dental office.

He and his brother have together built a dental empire in Chicago and beyond. We talk about turning a $500,000 a year dental practice into a $2.2 million a year practice, the precise amount of doctors and patients each office should have, and how to scale your business with little to no marketing budget. These claims would sound absurd if they weren’t coming from the man who did it all himself, Dr. AJ Acierno! 


Dr. Acierno answers these questions and much more:

  • What is a good annual profit for a dental office?
  • When is the right time to scale your dental business?
  • How do you know when you take on a new doctor?
  • How do you know when you’re running a successful dental practice?


Find Dr. AJ Acierno online:

IG: @DrAcierno

Website: www.DecisionOneDental.com


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