February 21, 2021

#66 - Teledentistry at Google HQ with @The_Smile_Room

The Smile Room - Tina Mavriyannakis


Welcome back, Peeps! 

Thank you to Hu-Friedy for sponsoring today's episode! Hu-Friedy’s new Harmony™ Ergonomic Scalers are a new personal favorite at ToothLife Studios. These scalers are designed to reduce pinch force and relieve hygienists of aching hands and ease the pressure on patients’ teeth. They allow for an incredibly tactile and sensitive scaling experience. Read about them more on Hu-Friedy’s site here: Harmony Ergonomic Scalers


It is a joy and an honor to speak with Tina Mavriyannakis RDH, the founder and CEO of The Smile Room, a fully mobile corporate and residential dental cleaning service. Tina (secret ToD superfan) shares how she forged her path to becoming the private RDH at the Google offices and many more corporate clients.

We discuss the future of teledentistry and mobile dentistry and how to rebrand the public image of dental hygienists across Canada and the US. Tina has made a remarkable name for herself and for hygienists in all of North America. Her work provides a great example of how a career in dentistry can flourish outside of the operatory.


We cover some of these topics and much more: 

  • Can you go to the dentist without insurance?
  • How does dentistry adapt to the rise of telehealth services?
  • What do you need to start a mobile dental office?
  • What is a restorative hygienist?

Sign your office or condo up for mobile dentistry with The Smile Room today!

Find The Smile Room online:

IG: @the_smile_room

Website: https://www.thesmileroom.ca/ 



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