January 24, 2021

62- @Diamond.Sharp Never a Dull Moment with Summer Lewis RDH.

Summer Lewis - Diamond Sharp


Welcome back, Peeps!

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Today we are so proud to have a guest with a firm position in Irene’s top 8, a mother, and an entrepreneur keeping it together in the pandemic, Summer Lewis! Summer talks us through the early days of absolutely despising sharpening tools as a dental student, working as a dental assistant, and eventually founding her own business in 2018. Today, Ms. Lewis runs Diamond Sharp, a drive-up, same-day dental instrument sharpening business. Catch her and her team driving the blue van around Toronto and pretty soon, all over the US!

As a regular of Diamond Sharp, I can say confidently that the cost and timeliness of their services are a no-brainer for any dental office. Her team is super nice and they are extremely reliable, especially in a pinch!


We ask Summer these questions and much more:

  • Should dental students graduate knowing how to sharpen tools?
  • Can I work in the dental field without working in an office?
  • What is the best way to sharpen dental tools?
  • Can the Diamond Sharp bus be turned into a travelling karaoke club?

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IG: @Diamond.Sharp



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