January 18, 2021

61- @DrJoyRDH- Does the President have his own RDH?

Welcome back, Peeps!

Thanks to our friends at Dentsply Sirona we are back for another amazing week! Fun fact, here are the dets on the part 1/part 2 Webinars Irene and Katrina are tuning into. 


The time is now! The oral-systemic link is not new to dentistry; however, communicating its significance to our patients AND providing more effective periodontal care is now more important than ever. This session will guide you through the latest research and help you create a plan to provide optimal care for patients while practicing a ‘safety-first’ approach. Tune in to add to your 2021 CE portfolio! 


Today we are so happy to speak with Dr. Joy Void-Holmes. She takes us on the journey through dental classes at Howard University where she was class president, getting her Ph.D., acting as a dentist for Al Gore, all while navigating four pregnancies... AND getting her real estate license. Dr. Joy’s story is filled with surprises that she encounters with a determination that is clear in her every word. She strives to claim new respect for all dental hygienists and dental educators so that they can have the autonomy they deserve. Thank you so much to Dr. Joy for sharing her warm sense of humour and the contagious pride she takes in her work.


We cover some of these topics and much more:

  • Does the president have a dental office?
  • Can you raise kids as a dental hygienist?
  • Should a dental hygienist get a Ph.D.?
  • Are dental educators paid fairly?


Dr. Joy’s bio:


Dr. Joy D. Void-Holmes holds a Doctor of Health Science degree from Nova Southeastern University and is a registered dental hygienist with over 25 years of clinical experience in private practice. She is the founder of Dr. Joy, RDH™ and the creator of the Dental Hygiene Student Planner™.  Dr. Joy is program chair for Fortis College Landover Dental Hygiene Program and holds a faculty position at the American Denturist School.  Dr. Joy is a professional speaker and published author.  She has presented continuing education courses nationally and internationally in the areas of instrumentation, ultrasonics, infection control, and nutrition and biochemistry, whitening along with her signature keynote, Confidence and Courage. She serves as a Consultant Examiner for the CDCA examination board and is Past-President of The Maryland Dental Hygienists' Association and an active member of The American Academy of Dental Hygienists, The American Dental Hygienists' Association and The Maryland Dental Action Coalition.


Find Dr. Joy online:

IG: @drjoyrdh

Twitter: @drjoyrdh

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-joy-void-holmes-5092222/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drjoyrdh/



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