December 7, 2020

56- @Justflossit: Don’t Brush it, Just floss it with Jasmine Capra

Howdy Peeps!

Welcome back to episode 56! Holy molar look at us go with awesome and fun content. This week Irene is on an infection control binge which funny enough ties into our awesome sponsor Hu-Friedy. Irene chats about how much she loves the new website format at and specifically the infection control tab that outlines SOOOOO MANY important resources we all should check out. HuFriedyGroup provides a complete circle of protection for practitioners as well as resources for staying up to date on the latest guidelines/regulations from CDC, OSHA, State Boards, and more. 

Today we are joined by Jasmine Capra, dental hygienist and founder of JustFlossIt. She is known for her often hilarious tik tok, her highly informative Instagram, and her now her brand new podcast! We talk at length about the day to day reality of the life of a dental professional and influencer. We have admired Jasmine’s honesty on social media and the way she weaves polished sponsored content into her online personality while never compromising her truest self.

Despite what you've heard, free floss does not pay the bills! Some of the topics covered include negotiating sponsored social media contracts, the real amount of time it takes to be a dental influencer, and visions of a future of a more compassionate and forgiving social media environment.

Pick up the new comfy, cozy, embroidered JustFlossIt crewneck sweater on Jasmine’s website!

We cover some of these topics and much more:

  • How do you negotiate a paid partnership on Instagram?
  • How much is one Instagram post worth?
  • Do you have any advice for a first time sponsored post?
  • How does a dental hygienist respond to rude patients?
  • Will Irene ever win rock, paper, scissors?

Jasmine Capra in her own words:

“To begin, my father came here from Mexico around the age of 16. After pursuing a career as a dental hygienist, he began to enlighten me of the profession. Seeing the profound effect he had on changing people’s smiles and oral health, I knew I had to be apart of it as well. My father later followed his passion by going back to school and becoming a dentist. To me, I view this as the epitome of the “American Dream,” that I am so proud to be apart of.

As a new grad and entering the field, I have decided to share my journey with you all. I created “Justflossit,” as a way to enlighten people not only in the healthcare field but also everybody who is anybody about oral health.

Justflossit partners with brands both locally and internationally from oral healthcare needs to fashion. I pride myself on only standing by products I truly believe in.”

Find Jasmine online:

IG: @justflossit


TikTok: @justflossit



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