November 16, 2020

54- @Dani.UltrasonicCoach: Slaying Biofilm with a Cosmo

“I live, eat sleep and breathe ultrasonics”

-Dani Botbyl RDH


Dani Botbyl RDH, the ultrasonic coach and fellow Canadian joins us today with Cosmo in one and an ultrasonic insert in the other to answer all of YOUR questions. Dani is an industry expert when it comes to using ultrasonics and HVE with skill and ease in a time when chairside hygiene is paramount. Dani ‘The Ultrasonic Coach’ Botbyl recognizes that a lot of dental professionals are not using their ultrasonics as they should and offers her wisdom to answer YOUR burning questions about airpolishing, cavitroning, and HVE!


We geeked out big-time on this one and answered these questions and much more:

  • What’s your favourite ultrasonic tip?
  • Is hand-scaling or ultrasonic the gold standard for periodontists in 2020?
  • What’s needed for safe ultrasonic usage during Covid 19?
  • What is high volume evacuation (HVE) and how can we best use it effectively?
  • Can you damage the gingiva with the air polish?
  • Grape, mint, or citrus mint prophy paste?


Happy Ultrasonic-ing!

Dani’s coveted Cosmo recipe:

¼ oz lime juice

½ oz Cointreau/triple sec

1½ oz of Vodka (Only Grey Goose of course)

2½ oz of Cranberry juice


Dani’s Bio:

Dani Botbyl is a registered dental hygienist with several decades of experience devoted to clinical practice and education. In 1999 she joined DENTSPLY Canada (now Dentsply Sirona) as a full-time clinical educator and has become a leading authority in ultrasonic instrumentation. She facilitates more than 70 lectures and workshops each year, lending much of her expertise to incorporating ultrasonics into the curricula of dental and dental hygiene programs worldwide. For more than 10 years, Dani taught part-time at Niagara College. She was editor-in-chief of Preventive Dentistry Canada, a former clinical evaluator and quality assurance assessor with the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario (CDHO) and served on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Dental Hygienists’ Association (ODHA). The author of several clinically focused articles on ultrasonic instrumentation, Dani maintains a current research interest in standardizing the competence of new dental hygiene graduates in the area of ultrasonics.




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