June 20, 2022

#109 - Dr. Ryan Nolan: “Silver”

Dr. Nolan received his DMD from Midwestern University and is a leader in studying and implementing novel nanotechnology into various dental materials and hygiene systems. The focus of his research is on utilizing nanomaterials to alter oral biofilms. He has published on a wide scope of topics including nanotoxicology, remineralization dynamics, and nanotechnology, with an emphasis on semi-precious and precious metals.


In addition to being the former chief scientist at Novus Research, Dr. Nolan was also a formulation specialist at Maple Mountain and founded Elementa Silver, which harnesses silver nanoparticles to improve oral health. Along with his team, Dr. Nolan established the Theban Publishing House, which was created to encourage and promote authorship, while providing the best author experience process.




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