April 4, 2019

Episode 12: Kirpa… Will You Accept Our Dental Hygiene Rose?

Happy Oral Health Month Dental Peeps! 
Our very first episode in oral health month and next week is National dental hygiene week in Canada which has us even more excited for April! Shoutout to ADHA and CDHA for partnering this year on the put on your purple initiative! 

We have some exciting news to share with you this episode and we are so pumped that we got to sit down and chat teeth stuff with Kirpa Sudick. 

However, we did bombard her socials and slide in to her DM's from basically every account we could get our hands on. Thank you to everyone who went on our 24 hour Kirpa messaging spree.  IT WORKED!

Shoutouts to the avid RDH's and the peeps at ADHA for a. your love of all things Bachelor and b. supporting our podcast. 

Recently back home from her amazing Bachelor experience.  Kirpa has been keeping busy with her best fab life but manages to sneak in some time to give us the inside scoop on the entire process and how leaving dental hygiene (Temporarily) has been for her. 

Kirpa kindly answered all your questions so you may hear your name pop up in the episode! 

ALSO to continue the amazing news! Tooth or Dare Podcast has its very first sponsor! We are so happy to partner up with Hu-Friedy and bring you exclusive news, tips, tricks and fun stuff! - Huge thank you to HF for supporting this podcast and for delivering high-quality products and service that help us perform at our very best!

Thank you Hu-Friedy for supporting dental peeps everywhere and specifically our friends and followers. 

Don't forget to go to Hu-Friedy.com/toothordare to be entered for a chance to win a brand new instrument!

Contest details are on the link so head there to enter!  Lastly, Get cool stuff and tons of CE by signing up at https://www.friendsofhu-friedy.com/s/ 

Lastly, we are dedicating this episode to out Instagram/Youtube Friend @nikkinicole_2  aka Nikki Chikki, Thanks for your kindness girl and good luck with your dental career. We are super proud of you and your journey.  

Peace Love and Teeth Peeps

I + W 


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