April 12, 2021

#73 - @JustChrisLove Finding a Home for the Male Hygienist with Christopher Love Williams

Chris ‘Love’ Williams

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Welcome back, Peeps! 

Christopher Williams aka Chris Love is a multi-talented and widely experienced entrepreneur and dental hygienist. In this episode, Chris shares the story of his transition from active duty in the Air Force to becoming an RDH, and eventually becoming a thought leader in the field. He currently hosts the Dental-Ish podcast with the Brown Girl RDH duo, Martelle Coke and Anaika Forbes (Check out our amazing interview with Martelle on episode #42). Chris Love talks us through his journey and professional approach to dental hygiene as a black man. He also shares work as the co-founder of Prophy Kings, which embraces cultural and gender diversity in the hygiene field.

We cover some of these topics and much more:

  • Why are there so few men in dental hygiene?
  • How can we diversify dental hygiene?
  • Is there a difference between men and women dental hygienists?
  • Is the hiring process rigged?
  • Is dental hygiene sexualized?

Chris Love in his own words:

My name is Chris Williams also known as Chris Love

I'm a male hygienist that only recently left working in the clinical setting after practicing 5 years to now working with a dental marketing company as the business development manager. I am a serial entrepreneur hustler extraordinaire LOL, so I've started multiple small businesses and coached/advised other small businesses on getting started and best practices when trying to sustain.

I am the founder of Prophy Kings, the home for the male hygienist. We have a group on Facebook and an Instagram page. We promote diversity and representation of the male hygienist and assistant. I also started a Youtube channel where I give advice to Men and hygienists alike on the hygiene profession, business, and self care.

I am also the co-owner and co-host of "Dental-Ish" the podcast alongside Martelle Coke best known as the founder of BrownGirlRDH and Anaika Forbes best known for her company "hashtaglunchbag" that puts up community fridges in underserved areas that are filled with donated food products.

Lets Talk!


Find Chris Love online:

Personal IG: @JustChrisLove

Prophy Kings IG: @Prophy_Kings

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/smileheroics 

Podcast: https://www.dental-ish.com/ 


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